Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book?
You must book online, maximum of 6 people per group.  Sorry, these are the rules specified by Government and it’s important we observe them.

Where do I go when I arrive?
Please go to the club house, obeying social distancing. 
Staff and or signage will instruct you where to go to pick up your clubs. 
Please ensure you arrive during the time slot advertised on your ticket (starting time). 
After your game, please ask a member of the staff where you can sit or promptly leave.

How do I pay?
You must pay for your game online & in advance. Sorry, without a booked game you will not be allowed on!

What if one of my delightful kids (or me!) hits a ball into the water or somewhere where we are unable to retrieve it safely?
Please raise your hand and let a member of the team know and they will provide you with a new ball whilst observing social distancing. Please DO NOT attempt to retrieve it yourself or encroach on someone else’s game.

What safety, cleaning and hygiene processes do you have in place?
Yours and the safety of our staff is always our number one priority. By ensuring customers book online we can control the numbers coming to our venue.

Following Government guidelines and in line with the processes set out by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), we have 5 key areas of focus in maintaining everyone’s safety:

1. Social distancing: Tee times have been extended so there is a larger gap between groups. Our Site Manager, General Manager or supervisor will be on hand at all times to ensure everyone is spaced! There are clear distance markers from the moment you arrive to when you leave.

2. Organising the workplace: It’s all one way! You will not cross over other players upon check in, playing or leaving. Rest assured all of our staff have completed intensive and professional COVID-19 training and you are in safe hands.

3. Cleaning and sanitising:

A) We have stations placed everywhere!

 B) On entry there are stations for you to sanitise your hands.

C) All clubs and balls are sanitised before they are available to you.

D) Once you have passed through check in, there are multiple sanitation stations for you to keep ‘topped up’.

 E) please try not to touch any roping if you don’t have to!

 F) Both the exit and entrance to the golf course will be open at all times.

G) All benches have been roped off for your safety.

4. Communication and guidance: There is lots of signage placed around each site as well as floor markings showing you where to go. If you get stuck, just let the supervisor know and they will help.

5. Wellbeing and support: We have completed a full risk assessment and our team are fully trained. Your wellbeing and that of the team are our highest priority. If there is something you think we could do better, please get in touch via If you have any concerns before coming to Acton, Battersea, Wandsworth or Colchester, please ask for the General Manager who will be more than happy to discuss the detail of our safety action plan.


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